Enclosed Porch
Decorating Ideas

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The decorating ideas you come up with for your enclosed porch are limited only by your imagination and perhaps a bit by the overall theme of your home. Remember, the porch is the first thing others see when approaching your home. Spend some time and do it right and make a lasting impression on your guests.

An enclosed porch is not always weather-proof, so think about the elements when thinking of decorating ideas for this area. If the weathered look works on your porch, then this won’t be a problem. If not, select weather-resistant pieces. Porches are great areas for sitting and friendly conversation and in most cases these are the main activities that will take place here. Cozy, comfortable seating is a must. You don’t need too many seats, though. Think of the porch as more of an intimate place; not someplace for noisy congregations. A chair or two and a couch or even a loveseat will go perfectly on any enclosed porch.

From there, keep decorating ideas for your enclosed porch simple and uncluttered. Include a coffee table for drinks. Another idea that works for holding drinks is an ottoman covered with a tray. When finished, removed the tray and put up your feet. Floral arrangements add color and help bring the outdoors in.

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