Large Sunroom
Decorating Ideas

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When you’ve got a large sunroom, decorating ideas are endless. Sunrooms are actually enclosed porches with walls made out of glass or a plastic material. They’re also called solariums or conservatories. A sunroom can also be any room filled with windows that face in the direction that captures most of the day’s supply of sun. While an abundance of natural sunlight is great for our minds and bodies, it can wreak havoc on sunroom furniture. When decorating large sunrooms, good ideas include filling the room with furniture and fabrics that can resist the effects of the sun’s rays over time. Lined draperies and fabrics designed especially for outdoor use are good choices.

Other decorating ideas for a large sunroom include plenty of greenery. Plants that tolerate high sunlight will thrive in a sunroom. Even in winter, in a temperature-controlled environment, plants really will grow. To take in all the beauty that a sunroom has to offer, both inside and out, place in it comfortable, oversized furniture. A large sunroom easily accommodates large furniture. Cover the floors with either ceramic tiles or carpeting. Area rugs in complementary colors work too. Even though the sunroom is large, you don’t want much more than these items in it. Since walls are mostly made of windows, you won’t have much wall decorating to tackle. And if you do opt for window treatments, select a design that frames windows rather than covers them. You don’t want to block any of that sunshine!

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